Which Cryptocurrencies Are Best To Buy To Set You Up For 2023, With Big Eyes Coin And Solana

Looking to start investing in crypto? 2023 has plenty of cryptocurrencies and developing projects for investors to get excited about. Knowing where to spend your money and invest can be tricky, as the market is so volatile and there are plenty of new exciting projects hitting the market.

While some crypto spaces are thriving, with loyal communities and a constant high ranking on the market, there are new projects currently in presale which are worth investing in also!

Iconic crypto platforms Solana have been smashing it this year, being consistently successful and worthy of investment. Newcomers Big Eyes Coin, however, has been stirring up anticipation for its launch and has some innovative features and functionalities that are getting the investors of the crypto world riled up.

Let’s talk about these coins in a little more detail and see what they have to offer the crypto community!

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin Is Smashing The Presale Space!

The crypto cathouse is raising the bar for presale crypto projects and achieving great things even before its’ official launch. Raising over $17.5 million in presale stages, the kitty coin is certainly catching the eyes of investors and supporting the meme token movement.

Big Eyes Coin has all the features and functionalities to make anyone interested in crypto and cats connect and share ownership of this unique online platform. The feline-friendly defi meme token has a lot to offer beyond a space in which its’ community can connect. They have charity wallets which every month focus on different charities that target sustainable issues and saving the oceans. They are also developing a unique NFT space for people to purchase and own cute content!

The ambitious and highly anticipated coin is also set to give the community a little extra! When purchasing Big Eyes Coin tokens, if buyers use the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200, they will not only receive a 200% bonus with the purchase, but it will push forward the live lauch of Big Eyes Coin!

Big Eyes Coin

Solana Is On A Roll!

Constantly working to provide decentralised solutions to every single user, Solana has been making users ecstatic since its 2020 launch. The platform is designed to facilitate decentralised apps and improve scalability, which they achieve by having a proof-of-history consensus.

These types of features boost the usability of the space and have succeeded in the crypto space as being known as a platform that guarantees incredibly short processing times. It is intended to serve both small-time users and enterprise customers alike!

The platform has received countless praise and appreciation from every kind of user and has consequently curated a loyal community of people! If you are looking for a consistent and quality crypto platform, look no further.

The crypto space is heating up! It is becoming a space with even more reliable and innovative platforms, and Solana is just one of many.

Big Eyes Coin

Final Thoughts…

There are many cryptocurrencies you can count on that will help you thrive in the market. 2023 is only just beginning, so make sure you kickstart your crypto world soon to get early access to the magic. Sound good? Check out the links below and start today!

Big eyes coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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