Now You Could Research in Metaverse

It is not shocking that Metaverse has now even moved to research

More people are becoming aware of the Metaverse. Recently, MICA announced the creation of MICAverse, a lab in the virtual world where consumer behaviour will be studied.

The most recent technology is included, including virtual reality goggles and a number of additional production tools which can aid in research. Thus, it is now possible to conduct research in Metaverse.

The Metaverse’s applications are always expanding.

A move toward consumer pattern and behaviour analysis is anticipated to attract a large number of people to the ecosystem. Startups in the field of virtual and augmented reality will notice a door opening.

3D mapping and the creation of travel applications to promote Indian tourism would be the first MICAverse activities. Existing businesses may always access the technology, but this time, depending on how skillfully they have designed their team and technological infrastructure, startups may be the ones to take the lead.

The dean of MICA, Githa Heggde, has further stated that MICAverse will not only conduct scholarly research but will also publish research papers in Metaverse and support startup businesses in the metaverse sector. Better customer behaviour understanding will result from the partnership between startups and MICAverse.To better understand how the virtual environment affects customer behaviour, it heavily involves constructing the decision-making chart.

Githa has voiced her belief that the academic research in the field of the Metaverse will be of the highest calibre and has referred to it as a disruptive ecosystem.All industries are investigating the metaverse with the shared goal of attracting more customers.

The technology’s deployment is difficult because it calls for significant financing from the respective governments as well as infrastructure assistance.

For instance, India’s 5G network is predicted to change the Metaverse landscape there, but it still requires computing equipment and the creation of virtualization technologies, among other things.

Similar sentiments were repeated by Associate Professor at MICA UT Rao in a statement to the media, along with a mention of investigating Metaverse services like marketplaces and payment systems. UT Rao has listed other topics that would be investigated in Metaverse, including tourism, education, and medicine, to name a few. He also said that MICA will soon conduct an event for startups.

Since both NFT and cryptocurrencies are predicted to alter how people interact in virtual spaces, they will also be investigated. It is quite likely that startups attending the event will be developing AR and VR technology.

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