Kendall Jenner Was Seen In Bikini Top While Posing For POP Magazine!

Kendall Jenner Update: One of the biggest achievements of the best thing about celebrities is to be in the headlines of the biggest names in the world. Whether it is related to their featuring in magazines or getting recognition through their works or even winning awards, everything serves and contributes towards the appreciation of their work.

Something like this happens with some magazine covers where we have seen amazing models. Among them was Kendall Jenner who was seen wearing a bikini top while getting featured in the POP magazine.

The 26-year-old model was looking very confident and incredible while featured on the pages of a POP magazine. Her latest modelling photos were a treat to fans as she was wearing a bikini top with baggy pants. Coming to her then her hair was open and down while giving the best modelling expression to the camera.

Kendall Jenner Was Seen In Bikini Top

Kendall Jenner Was Seen In Bikini Top While Posing For POP Magazine!

In one of the pictures, Kendall Jenner was seen wearing a bikini top and pants with some prints. She was also wearing white socks and shoes. In the background, one can see a clear sky plus some trees that were giving the best of her pose.

There were also some other pictures where she was seen wearing a black baseball cap and cowboy boots.

In one of the pictures, Kendall Jenner was seen showing her abs. She was again in a bikini top and a denim shirt. Coming to the reaction of fans then they loved her in their new appearance. Some of them have called her Diva while others addressed her in a wholesome mood.

The latest pictures of the model made headlines as she admitted how she was overworked in her 20s. She said she has accomplished a lot of things earlier since the time she decided to become a model. She never stopped herself till the time she thought it was just okay now.

The model continued and said: “The core five years of it where I was extremely overworked, not my happiest – not because I wasn’t doing what I loved – but just because I was overwhelmed and I felt like I was saying yes to everything because I felt really really grateful and really honoured to be in the position that I was in,”

Kendall Jenner then added more words by saying: “So I was always saying yes and it took a lot out of me to the point where I just wasn’t happy anymore and so I had to set those boundaries for myself when I was about 23/24.”

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