Keiko Rae leaked on twitter and reddit, whats happened

Keiko Rae leaked on twitter and reddit, whats happened

Some words and phrases have more than one meaning in the corruption scandal this nation is experiencing. Words like “ten green” and “little brother” acquired new significance.

Due to this, some social media users visited the Royal Academy, the foremost authority on the Spanish language, to get their grammatical questions answered.

This is how a question regarding “Mrs. K,” a mysterious character identified in the alleged “Voice of Shame,” who is responsible for the entire web of corruption and is deeply ingrained in power at the top, was posed to RAE on Twitter.

Hello, @RAEinforma. Are the’s’ and ‘k’ capitalized or only the ‘k’ for Keiko if I use’mrs K’ as a fictitious name for Korina, Kristen, or Keiko? One of your accounts user, he inquired.

The RAE responded last Friday. Even though it is a formal salutation, the noun “ma’am” in the #RAEconsultas is lowercased (on the other hand, the abbreviation for treatment remains traditionally capitalized). The initial capitalization for the nickname “Mrs. K” (for Keiko) must be “Mrs. K”.

Some people were surprised by the announcement because the RAE chose the moniker “Keiko” to represent its response.


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