A skilled musician with several talents, Jackson Rohm can perform a variety of tunes. He performs hits from the 1980s, the 1990s, classic rock, and more recent decades. He can also effortlessly switch from background music for your company’s cocktail hour to upbeat party music that gets everyone dancing all night long. Jackson is a superb performer who genuinely excels in everything he attempts. When playing for events, Jackson complies with any requirements or limitations regarding volume. He uses the best equipment available and customizes his song choices for each occasion. Jackson wants to comprehend a client’s vision and apply it to enhance the enjoyment of their event. Testimonials from some customers of Jackson’s services are available on this page.

Jackson picked up the guitar at the age of 12. Songs by Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Van Halen, and Ratt were performed at the Southwestern Middle School dance by his band, the Sapphire. After enrolling at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, he practiced his cover-gig abilities at parties and bars around school while performing songs by James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Tom Petty, and Pearl Jam. Jackson briefly attended law school in Buffalo, New York, but ultimately decided to focus entirely on music. He has performed professionally alone on acoustic instruments for more than 4,000 shows and released 7 original CDs.

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Jackson was a well-liked performer who frequently did cover shows on the East and Midwest coasts. He also gave innovative clubs, festivals, and private parties performances. At small/medium market Adult Contemporary and HOT AC radio stations, the tracks “Rio,” “Gasoline and Matches,” “One More Fourth of July,” “The Old Me,” and “Bleeding” were frequently played. He acquired a wide variety of well-known songs for cover performances while performing at various venues. Jackson is a talented singer with a variety of performance options. He encouraged audiences to sing along during his cover performances because of his vocal range. He was able to appeal to everyone, which helped him amass a sizable following base. People flocked to his events in droves, ready to make requests as a result! He enjoys making people happy by playing whatever they desire.

Jackson, a father from Florida with a private performance schedule, travels less. In NW Florida, he now spends more time organizing shows. Jackson will give enough notice if he needs to travel for one of his activities.

Jackson’s most recent video can be found on the Video page, and his huge book of works can be found on the Repertoire page.


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