Is George Santos the End or the Beginning of a New GOP?

As the list of George Santos’s falsehoods continues to unfurl at a clip, Republicans, Kevin McCarthy in particular, are twisting themselves into pretzels, having to both acknowledge the reality while clinging to their already slim majority.

They are buoyed by the fact that the MAGA base long ago made peace with the idea that truth shouldn’t get in the way of someone’s personal ambition, despite what message that sends to the American people. In fact, that message is resonating with them, as our colleague Molly Jong-Fast recently wrote for the Hive. What’s striking a nerve is “the feeling that one has been wronged and is thus entitled to lie or cheat to get what’s rightfully theirs,” as she put it. “Republican leaders may try to portray Santos as an anomaly, an unfortunate accident. But the new representative from New York is actually quite representative of his party.”

In a conversation with Emily Jane Fox, Jong-Fast shares her takes on which of Santos’s lies strike her as the most ludicrous and where she thinks this will leave Republicans in the coming election. She also gives her report on the Biden administration ahead of the State of the Union address next month, and whether she thinks Vice President Kamala Harris will stick around if there’s a reelection bid.

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