ENS Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025 till 2030: Will ENS price hit $100? (Bullish or Bearish)

ENS or Ethereum Name Service is an open, distributed, domain naming system, based on Ethereum blockchain. More than 2.7 Million ENS domains have been registered by more than 582,000 users till date, according to Dune Analytics report.

ENS in showing an uptrend move because of this, ENS price prediction for 2022 looks lucrative. Can ENS touch 100USD by 2025? What are the price predictions for ENS?

Let’s see these and more in this post.

ENS Price Prediction

The year 2021 has been exciting for ENS. In order to make the most recent ENS price forecast easier to understand, we separated it into two categories: long haul ENS price predictions and short haul ENS price predictions.

In the last month, ENS price has increased by 20%.

As per our research ENS can hit a high of $22.09 in December 2022.

Furthermore, in the long run as per our research, ENS price prediction for May 2023 tells us that the average price will be around $18.50 and the price might touch a high of $19.68

ENS Price Forecast for 2023

As per our research, ENS price for 2023 might hit a maximum of $32.35 and a low of $15.07. There is a steady growth we can see in price of ENS. By the end of 2023, we could see a 150% growth in ENS price, wrt USD.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2023 $14.64 $11.49
February 2023 $15.11 $11.92
March 2023 $18.09 $15.44
April 2023 $19.89 $16.09
May 2023 $16.58 $13.07
June 2023 $19.89 $14.09
July 2023 $23.87 $15.70
August 2023 $26.26 $18.87
September 2023 $27.57 $21.07
October 2023 $26.26 $20.87
November 2023 $28.89 $20.26
December 2023 $32.35 $24.41

ENS Price Projection for 2024

As per our technical analysis, ENS might hit a high of $75.43 and a low of $30.96 in 2024.

We are expecting a big swing in the market’s sentiment and therefore the price fluctuations.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 $34.06 $30.96
February 2024 $38.26 $34.79
March 2024 $51.02 $46.38
April 2024 $46.38 $42.16
May 2024 $38.65 $35.14
June 2024 $46.38 $42.16
July 2024 $55.66 $50.60
August 2024 $61.22 $55.66
September 2024 $64.28 $58.44
October 2024 $61.22 $55.66
November 2024 $67.35 $61.22
December 2024 $75.43 $68.57

ENS Price Prediction 2025

From our brief analysis of the ENS, we are expecting the average price to be $65. The high of 2025 is expected to be lower than that of 2024. The price of ENS will mostly stabilize in 2025.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $64.11 $58.28
February 2025 $60.91 $55.37
March 2025 $63.95 $58.14
April 2025 $57.10 $51.91
May 2025 $62.07 $56.42
June 2025 $68.27 $62.07
July 2025 $65.02 $59.11
August 2025 $59.11 $53.74
September 2025 $62.07 $56.42
October 2025 $59.11 $53.74
November 2025 $65.02 $59.11
December 2025 $72.82 $66.20

Maximum ENS price prediction for 2025: 72.82USD.

Minimum ENS price prediction for 2025: 51.91USD.

ENS Price Predictions for 2026-2030

ENS price for 2026 is expected to be around $50.86 – $35.60

ENS price prediction for 2027 will be in the ballpark of $43.23 – $30.26

ENS price for 2028 will be around $77.81 – $54.47

Ethereum Name Service price forecast for 2029 will be around $159.84 – $111.89

ENS price prediction for 2030 will be around $178.01 – $124.61

2026 $50.86 $35.60
2027 $43.23 $30.26
2028 $77.81 $54.47
2029 $159.84 $111.89
2030 $178.01 $124.61

ENS Price Prediction in INR

Maximum ENS price prediction for 2023 in INR is Rs. 2560 and minimum price is Rs. 900

ENS price for 2024 in INR is predicted to be in between Rs. 2400 to  and minimum price is Rs. 6000.

ENS price prediction for 2025 in INR is 5920 INR. Minimum price prediction is 4080 INR.

ENS price prediction for 2030 in INR is 14,400 INR while minimum expected price is 10,000 INR.

ENS Price Chart Analysis: 4 Hourly, Weekly

ENS on a 4 hourly chart shows an upward movement, indicates price could hit 18USD soon. There is an opportunity to long ENS for short term as well as long term gain.

Another ENS weekly chart indicates the ENS price is reversing. Accumulation for ENS could be over and now we are possibly heading towards 30USD in 2023.

ENS Technical Analysis: Buy, Sell or Hold?

ENS Technical analysis suggest it is is a strong buy at the current levels.

  • Exponential Moving Average of ENS (for 10days period) is 17.1
  • Exponential Moving Average of ENS (for 20days period) is 16.32.
  • RSI (14days) is 54 which shows neutral trend.

ENS Fundamental Analysis: Is it a good token to buy?

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) provides you an opportunity to buy .ETH domain name and link to your wallet address. This way, you do not need to remember your wallet address (which is very complicated, lol). If someone were to send you tokens, you just can send your ENS address (example – Cryptobullsclub.ETH) and they can send you tokens to your wallet.

There has been a recent surge in the booking of .ETH domains. ENS has more than 500k customers, and is a home to 2M+ domains.

Ethereum Name Service is managed by its own DAO. And to propose a suggestion, you need 100k ENS tokens. For the proposal to get approved, it should receive atleast 2/3rd of the votes, with a minimum of 1% ENS holders participating in the voting.

This is the utility of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) token.

How to buy ENS token?

Ethereum Name service (ENS) tokens can be purchased from the top crypto exchanges.

Top 3 international crypto exchanges to buy ENS from are Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase.

Buy ENS Register here
Binance Sign up here
Huobi Sign up here
OKEx Sign up here
KuCoin Sign up here
Coinbase Sign up here

Best Indian crypto exchanges to buy ENS from are WazirX, CoinDCX and Giottus.

Buy ENS with INR Register here
WazirX Sign up here
CoinDCX Sign up here
Giottus Sign up here
Kuber Sign up here

ENS Details

Website ens.domains
Token Ticker ENS
Token Supply 100,000,000
Current Supply 20,244,862
Founder Nick Johnson
Release Date November 2021
Current Rank #104
Market cap 252,803,444


Will ENS ever reach $100?

Yes, as per our analysis ENS’s price might reach $100 in 2029.

What is ENS price prediction for 2025?

ENS price prediction 2025 suggests, maximum price could be 72.82USD while minimum expected price is 51.91USD.

From its current price today, maximum price is almost 14.35X.

Is ENS a good investment?

ENS is one of the few blockchain projects that has a solid product and usecase. Also, the project has shown great momentum in the past year, and it promises a lot of good developments in the upcoming years.

What is ENS price prediction for 2030?

ENS price prediction 2030 suggests, ENS could be trading in between 125 to 178USD. From its current price today, it is almost 7.35X.

Will ENS price reach 10000 INR?

Yes, ENS is expected to reach 10,000 INR before 2030.

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