Doodles-2 NFT Collections to Launch on Flow Chain

Doodles, a community-driven 10,000 NFT collectibles featuring art by Burnt Toast has announced migration plans to the Flow Blockchain for its upcoming NFT project ‘Doodles 2’.

Announcing the decision on Twitter, Flow Blockchain noted that the ambitious vision for Doodles 2 will leverage the benefits of Flow to deliver a world-class experience and that Flow was built from the ground up to unlock mass-scale user experiences like Doodles.

Frictionless onboarding.

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Proven scalability.

Seamless checkout flows.

World-class security.


Doodle’s vision is to revolutionize media and entertainment through Web3, impacting industries such as gaming, music, and real-life events through Doodle NFT avatars.

With Doodles 2 collectibles, there’s no limit to the possibilities, coming soon, Doodles 2 collectibles will be everywhere – accessible from your computer, phone, social media, and wherever you are, just like Flow Blockchain. No gas fees and Flow’s proven scalability allow for limitless customization. Swap wearables, and personalize your Doodle.

Expect exciting drops featuring unique Doodles 2 wearables, with collaborations featuring partners, musicians and creators. You’ll be able to buy, sell and trade wearables, allowing you to curate a perfect collection that represents you.

The Doodles universe on Flow Blockchain begins opening to the existing Doodles community first, expanding to everyone over time.

Poopie, Founder at Doodles stated in a Twitter thread that Flow Blockchain was chosen to help create a frictionless on-chain app that lets mainstream fans customize their Doodle without limits.

Frictionless conversion is critical for mainstream success of Doodles 2. Newcomers can 1) create a wallet by signing into Gmail and 2) buy Wearables with their credit card in just a few clicks. It’s how Top Shot got 400k people to buy first NFT.

On-chain scalability is a requirement for Doodles 2. Everything you see below is on-chain—the Wearables art, the attributes, the Doodle and its customization. Mainstream users will endlessly customize their doodles and trade wearables without transaction fees.

The programming language makes Doodles 2 customization meaningful on-chain. Customization adds or removes Wearables in your Doodle’s possession. This means Doodle is actually wearing its Wearables on-chain.

Having led teams at Dapper Labs for four years I’ve been through megafires, scalability issues and the repercussions of inflationary design. Reminder that we have unique learnings and full control of our IP.

Doodles first minted on October 17th, 2021, Doodles come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and traits, with each owner having the right to vote for experiences paid for by the Doodles Community Treasury.

Since its release, Doodles has become one of the most successful NFT collections worldwide, with a sales volume of 155,692 $ETH and a current floor price of 8.2 $ETH ($12,700).

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