Bitcoin Closer to Undergo the First Weekly Death Cross- This Could be the Impact on BTC Price!

Bitcoin price slipped down below $23,000 and created a wave of uncertainty over the crypto space. The altcoins which had risen above their respective resistance levels have dropped below the levels which could flash the revival of a bearish trend. Additionally, the star crypto is closer to witnessing a great leap but towards the south. 

The star crypto is about to witness a death cross in the weekly timeframe for the very first time in history and hence the impact is being expected at a larger scale. The death cross is when the 200-day MA & 50-day MA levels cross each other and the 200-day MA levels head toward the lower support. Usually, the impact in the daily chart is bearish as the BTC price drops by nearly 7% to 10%. 

Presently, the price trend is towards the south and hence the 50-day MA levels may cross over the 200-day MA to reach the lower support soon. 

Trading View

The death cross is expected to happen in the next week or 2 as the prevailing bearish formations may impact the price negatively. However, the price may still undergo a bullish divergence due to the below-mentioned reasons, 

  • BTC price is up by 50% from the November lows. Moreover, throughout history, the price surged by such a margin each time it tests the 200-Week MA level which was the bottom of the cycle. 
  • The weekly RSI levels whenever reach breaks above 60 after hitting the 50-Week MA, indicate the cycle bottom may be reached. Therefore, a notable upswing may be fast approaching. 
  • Presently, the weekly RSI is around 56.52 and hence a slight plunge may mark the bottom of the cycle ahead beyond which a notable upswing may be ignited

Collectively, after reaching the lower bottoms, the Bitcoin (BTC) price rally may being and reclaim the lost levels very soon. 

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