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What’s the best bank account for my preteen daughter? Melinda: January 11, 2023

You can break down kids banking products into three general categories:

  • Kids banking apps such as Greenlight offer features like chores tracking, automated allowances, spending limits for prepaid cards, restricted spending at specific merchants, and ways to teach kids how to spend, save, give and invest wisely.
  • Kids checking accounts are joint accounts a parent or legal guardian owns with a child. Capital One Money is a top recommendation offering loads of benefits, such as goal setting to encourage kids to save, parental controls, spending trackers and auto-pay for allowances.
  • Kids savings accounts are free to open and have no minimum balance requirements. The best kids savings accounts provide rewards, customizable tools and grow with your child.

Laura Adams, MBA, is a nationally recognized personal finance and business expert. She’s an award-winning author with more than 3,000 features in the national broadcast media. Her weekly Money Girl podcast has been downloaded over 40 million times. Now, she’s here to answer your burning money questions.

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