20 Best Workout Shoes for Women

Edward BerthelotGetty Images

Think any ol’ sneaker will get the job done during your workout? Hate to break it to you, but that’s sadly very much not the case. If you’re ever attempted to exercise in a cheap pair of sneakers, you know that poorly-made workout shoes can leave you with blisters, shin splints, and a long list of other not-so-great injuries. While the best workout shoes can cost you quite a bit of $$$, they’re well worth the investment, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who’s more likely to be running late than actually, you know, running.

Ofc, finding the best sneakers for you totally depends on the types of activities you do and any injuries or issues you may have, such as overpronation (which is when your feet roll inward) or supination (which is when your feet roll outward). As New York City-based podiatrist Jacqueline Sutera, DPM, previously told Cosmo, “Fitness levels, age, and foot type can make whatever is appropriate for your feet different from what your friend wear.” In terms of foot type and shape, Sutera notes that flat feet require more structured, motion-controlling sneakers, while arched feet need more support and cushioning.

Whether you’re into jogging, sprinting, hiking, lifting, or going for leisurely strolls while looking cute AF, we’ve rounded up all the best workout shoes for women, depending on your needs. (And, yes, those needs can absolutely include some fresh kicks for your hot girl walks. ) So, go ahead and treat yourself to a cute new workout ‘fit while you’re at it, ’cause what will give you more motivation than looking like a full-on gym-fluencer?

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