15 Best Laptop Bags and Backpacks for Women in 2023


We love the mini bag trend as much as the next person, but some days call for a bag that’s big enough to carry allll your essentials, not just a single lip gloss. The most important (yet also most inconvenient) thing to carry when you’re on the go? Your trusty laptop. Whether you’re commuting to the office, traveling, or just running errands, having a secure bag that’s big enough to hold your laptop is key—how else are you gonna pretend to work from cute coffee shops along your way?

But your laptop is precious cargo, people! And as such, it deserves a quality bag where it can stay nice and secure while still earning you style points. A regular ol’ canvas tote bag or a pocket-less handbag probably won’t offer your laptop much protection. The right laptop backpack or bag, however, will not only keep it safe, but it’ll also be designed for peak ~optimization~. From compartments galore to built-in USB chargers, a laptop bag will forever change how you get work done on the go. And to make your life easier, we’ve found the best of the best.

Our top picks for the best laptop bags in 2023:

Whether you’re searching for a backpack with lots of pockets to keep you organized or a fashion-forward work bag that won’t clash with your #OOTD, there’s an option perfect for you and your laptop. Keep scrolling to shop all our favorite laptop-friendly bags below.

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this budget-friendly tote

Baggu Horizontal Duck Bag Canvas Tote

this durable backpack

Dagne Dover Dakota Neoprene Backpack

this minimalistic leather tote

Everlane The Gallery Tote

this water-resistant backpack

Rains Backpack

this tote that’s also great for food

Modern Picnic Women’s The Grained Vegan Leather Tote

this convertible tote bag

Neil J. Rodgers Obi Tote & Clutch

this large backpack

ASOS Canvas Backpack

this affordable designer one

Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag

this designer tote

Off-White Day Off Monogram Canvas Tote

this affordable backpack

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

This IG famous one

Telfar Large Shopping Bag

this faux leather option

Calpak Kaya Laptop Backpack

this nylon backpack

Caraa Cirrus

this travel-friendly backpack

Everlane The ReNew Transit Backpack

this convertible backpack

Béis The Hanging Backpack

What should I look for in a laptop bag?

Built-in compartments and designated pockets ftw!!

The last word on finding a laptop bag you love: Keep an eye out for bags with built-in compartments or pockets specifically designed for your laptop and other gadgets.

If you’re the type who always has a water bottle on hand (hi, it’s me), a separate water bottle pocket is also essential—especially if you don’t want to worry about any accidental spillage. And in order to carry everything stylishly and comfortably, adjustable and/or removable straps are always key.

Here’s how we chose these stylish laptop backpacks

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